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Healing through the Universal Language of Healing Arts
Music, Movement, & Meditation


Music heals at a primal level...it is intimately intertwined with health of the human form.

- Ginger

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Ginger Garner is a musician able to cross genres from jazz to soul to bluegrass to classical. A native of North Carolina, Ginger's early musical roots are grounded in gospel and folk music. She learned how to improvise harmony from the time she could stand and speak, gathered around the family piano every Sunday with her aunt and grandfather, both musicians and vocalists.

Ginger has performed for The University of North Carolina at Wilmington on multiple occasions, in the jazz genre for over a decade in concerts, for jazz societies, art councils, and festivals, and in the blues/soul/R&B and/or gospel genres in festivals and concerts across North Carolina. Ginger has also performed with her bands at the North Carolina Seafood Festival, for the Seaside Arts Council, and has opened for bands such as The Sylistics. Ginger's most recent foray includes classical solo performance and choral ensemble performance including performances at at the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. This December Ginger, in her second season with the Crystal Coast Choral Society, Ginger is the alto soloist for the Crystal Coast Choral Society's performance of Vivaldi's Gloria. Ginger has also performed during her numerous mission and humanitarian travels across the United States from Alaska to New York City.

Ginger earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a Master of Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ginger credits her education in medicine and dual degrees in physiology and physical therapy with shaping her vocal style.

Ginger's flexibility in range and style has led her to explore almost every genre of music, including jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical, R&B, Motown, trip hop, and funk/soul. Her Cherokee heritage also directly influences her studies in music, which include classical and Native American flutes. She is a singer/songwriter as well as founder of Musicians 4 Missions, a not for profit effort dedicated to public health education and advocacy for the women and children of Haiti.

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"I'm not broke, but you can see the cracks." ~Bono

Fan Comments

Blog Post from fan

Performing Artist Series, Swansboro, NC
February 19, 2011

Your performance was the best live entertainment I've experienced in a long time - owed to your lovely voice and your ability to recognize and bring out the little nuances of past successful performers styles that made them unique. Keep up the good work and count us both among your continuing fans. M. and S. Guss, NC

What a phenomenal evening in Swansboro last night. Your performance and the band was magical. THANK YOU!! T. Siegel, NC

I have seen Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and many of jazz greats in my time - and your voice, you- are amazing as any of them. Thank you, you are incredible. H. Peale, NC

From Other Concerts

I cannot believe you are in North Carolina. Still.You should already have been signed by now. J. Green, NC

The arrangements, dynamics, depth, and delight of your music tonight (Morehead City, NC) with Blue Moon was spectacular. You are radiant in your medium. Music agrees with you and lifts the mood and heart of others. Thank you for sharing one of your (many) gifts, it was lovely. ~ Rose H., NC

Ginger is a fabulous singer and person. Her (M4M) program is wonderfully diverse and tastefully done. ~Lewis Moore, bass vocalist and professional musician, Durham, NC

Ginger's performance at M4M was exciting, spiritually moving, and powerful. What an amazing set of pipes! The energy level on that stage and in the audience was so charged that we all probably could have powered a small city. I cannot wait for the next performance. Your message for helping Haiti and others less fortunate came across perfectly. ~ Deanna Scroggs, alto vocalist and missionary, NC

I thoroughly enjoyed Ginger's performance at M4M. Everyone simply loved it. I have heard so many comments from others who thought the same thing I did. We all enjoyed every minute of the concert. I will attend future performances, for sure. ~ Shirley Davis, NC

It was a truly inspiring and satisfying experience to play with Ginger and M4M. ~ John Currie, bluegrass musician, NC

Playing with Ginger and M4M was an incredible experience. I was honored to play with some of the best musicians in the area. ~ Grady Lowder, country/gospel musician, NC

What a wonderful concert - the combination of talents with Ginger and M4M blew me away. I honestly felt like I came out of the M4M concert a new person. That is the catharsis that great music brings. The healing power of music - especially from Ginger- allows the Holy Spirit to filter through - and it is palpable and omnipotent. ~ Lauren Farmer, NC

Ginger was absolutely amazing. The M4M event was some of the best music the area has ever heard. ~Dave Johnson, bluegrass musician and vocalist, NC

If I could vote it would be hands down who would be the headliner at any fest. It was really good hearing you even this little bit on facebook, but I really miss that voice! ~ Dan Dyszelski, missionary, SC

We had a wonderful night, you sounded amazing at (M4M). ~Rebecca Harris, NC

Ginger is absolutely amazing...a tremendous and beautiful voice. She should have a record deal - she absolutely rocks. She is going places with her music. ~Lauren Farmer , NC

What a great group of musicians I had the pleasure of making music with (M4M). And for such a great cause. It is a concert I will always remember and cherish. ~Bob Craig, saxophonist for North Tower Band, percussionist, & M4M Artist , NC

Fabulous (M4M) concert! Ginger rocks. ~anon.

I cannot remember any such cause that I have been so proud to be a part of (M4M). The beauty and passion of Ginger's voice and her performance is astounding. Her words - profound and memorable. The other musicians, vocal and instrumental, were wonderful in getting across a message to us all. Keep on shining Ginger! ~ Tana Porter, soprano vocalist, NC

Ginger has an incredible voice and style. I just love her. ~anon.

I'm a huge fan!! ~E. Egerton, NC

Service in Action

Healthy proactive lifestyles are what I promote, facilitate, speak, teach, sing, and live for...
~ Ginger

Read about Ginger's Humanitarian Efforts in both music and medicine...
Musicians 4 Missions
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Ginger started Project Support Afghan Women's Health, which has received National AP coverage since May 2009.


Ginger founded Musicians 4 Missions, a not for profit effort to fund education and health projects for Haiti's children, especially its orphans.


Live Performance & Photography Archives

Feb 2011 Jazz gig
February 2011 - Seaside Arts Council sold out concert
"An Evening with Ginger Garner"

Ginger - The Maker
October 2, 2010 - North Carolina Seafood Festival Main Stage Performance

Billie Holiday Tribute, JazzFest New Bern 2010
June 2010 - Sold out performance at Eastern Jazz Society's
Smoke's Supper Club Tribute to Billie Holiday

October 2, 2010 - Live at the North Carolina Seafood Festival - "Some Kind Of Wonderful"  

October 2, 2010 - Live at the North Carolina Seafood Festival - "Get Here"

October 2, 2010 - Live Video of "Wayfaring Stranger"  

Ginger Garner and Tony Moseley
July 2010 - Jazz on the Waterfront Series

Ginger with Blue Moon Jazz
July 2010 - Ginger performs with Blue Moon Jazz

March 5, 2010 - "Get Here"

March 5, 2010 - "The Maker

Ginger Garner
February 28, 2010 - Performance for the Eastern Jazz New Bern jazzFest

Ginger Garner

Ginger Garner M4M
March 5, 2010 - M4M Concert

Ginger Band 2004

Bassist, Jeff Jablonski
2004 - Ginger and band as Featured on New Bern's Morning TV Show

Ginger Kinston 2004
2004 - Ginger opening up for The Sylistics in Kinston, NC















































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