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Ginger capturing some yoga time at the Roman Baths, UK

Informed Healthy Living

Informed healthy living puts you in control of your health. Read why Americans are dying earlier than their peers.

Ginger uses complementary and integrative medicine which joins the hands of eastern and western medicine and is able to treat patients holistically for disease and injury prevention.  Use this free resource guide to source research and resources on feeling better and enjoying more energy.  Because staying informed is your best insurance for preserving your health and ensuring the health of your family.

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Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle – Lifestyle Choices for Longevity & Immunity

Avoiding Chronic Disease & Cancer

Clean Food

Resources – If buying organic is expensive where you live, then make sure you at least follow the Dirty Dozen List, buy organic milk and yogurt, and avoid GMO’s (Soybean, Maize, Cotton, Canola, Squash, Papaya, Alfalfa, Sugarbeet, and transgenic wheat, as of 2013)

Respected Authors in the “Clean Food” field

Safe Skin

Improving Your Health Care in the 21st Century – The Professional Yoga Therapy Method

Sleeping Better, Feeling Better


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