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Attending to the Bliss Body (anandamayakosha) on Emerald Isle, before surgery (c)2014.

Hip Labrum Postop. Integrated Rehab, Day 7: Mantras & Edema

Hip Labrum Postop. Integrated Rehab, Day 7: Mantras & Edema This is post #5 in the Hip Labral Post-Operative Series. If you haven’t read them yet, check out: Post 1: Day 1 Post-Op Recovery Post 2: Day 2 Post-Op Recovery Post 3: Days 4-5 Post-Op Recovery Post 4: Day 6 HLI Rehab Day 7 – […]


Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga-Interview with the Creators

This week’s post is an interview with the creators of the Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga video series- Neil Pearson and Shelly Prosko. Learn more about a gentle and effective way to manage pain and the minds behind this excellent video series. Why did you create these pain care yoga videos and what makes them unique […]

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Hip Labrum Q&A: Troubleshooting Painful and Frustrating Clicking Psoas

Hip Labrum Q&A – Troubleshooting Painful and Frustrating Clicking Psoas Question from Amy: I’m feeling frustrated. I noticed a little bit of snapping in my groin since surgery, depending on how I move. It’s some of the same snapping I had before surgery. I know it’s not the joint because it’s a different feel. Not […]


Hip Labrum FAQ – Common Pre-Operative Questions

Hip Labrum FAQ – Common Pre-Operative Questions Question from Taylor: I’m curious, should a patient meet with a PT before surgery? If yes, why? My doctor recommends it. Thx. Answer: Thanks for the GREAT question Taylor! First, I need to say that without a doubt, “prehab,” that is, rehab before surgery, is a must. Second, […]


A Letter to Our Children (Rerun)

A Letter to Our Children In 2012 the National Association of Mothers’ Centers asked me to write a letter to my children in recognition of Mother’s Day, as a way to impart to the world what wisdom I would like to pass on to them. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to […]

Half the Sky

Women Empowering Women: International Women’s Day, 2015

This week’s post highlights some of the most influential women in integrated women’s health care and advocacy today. From Your Woman in Washington™ to the brightest and best physiotherapists domestic and abroad…learn about who is shaping tomorrow’s future for women.  Shelly Prosko, B.Sc. PT, PYT, CPI I’m passionate about Educating, Inspiring & Empowering women to create pelvic […]

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