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Ayurvedic Marma Point Self-Massage

Ayurvedic Marma Point Self-Massage  Ayurveda, the Indian system of Yogic medicine, has long supported that marma points are vital areas of energy in the body where two major systems meet – blood vessels and bone, nerves and ligaments, tendons and their blood supply, for example. The word “marma” means “vital”. Marma massage (similar to acupressure) […]


PYT is a Game Changer-Interview with Kristina Dorkoski

This week’s post is an interview with Kristina Dorkoski, PT, DPT, PYT, CPI. Kristina will be delivering an introduction to Professional Yoga Therapy’s evidence-based method in using yoga as medicine on April 18th at the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association’s Member Appreciation event. Learn more about Kristina’s topic and the event here. Tell us about your history […]


Post Surgical Musings, Days 4-5 (Post 3)

Post Surgical Musings, Days 4-5 (Post 3) Post-Op Day 4 Today is post-operative day 4 for hip preservation (ahem: reconstruction) surgery. If you missed my first posts, find them here: Day 1 Post-Op Recovery Day 2 Post-Op Recovery Hip precautions and movement limitations are quite intense – so focus on other parts of the yogic […]

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Hip Labral Q&A: An Angry Psoas or Ovarian Cyst?

Hip Labral Q&A: An Angry Psoas or Ovarian Cyst? Q: Still trying to get to the right diagnosis…What does the pain from a torn labrum feel like? A: Pain from a torn labrum can feel like everything (pelvic, hip, or back related) or nothing at all. What this means is, some labral tears are asymptomatic, […]

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Women Empowering Women: International Women’s Day, 2015

This week’s post highlights some of the most influential women in integrated women’s health care and advocacy today. From Your Woman in Washington™ to the brightest and best physiotherapists domestic and abroad…learn about who is shaping tomorrow’s future for women.  Shelly Prosko, B.Sc. PT, PYT, CPI I’m passionate about Educating, Inspiring & Empowering women to create pelvic […]


Essentials of Women’s Health Nutrition Practice (Podcast Interview) with Jessica Drummond

Essentials of Women’s Health Nutrition Practice in Healthcare Ginger’s most recent interview is with Jessica Drummond, women’s health nutrition guru and founder of The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute.  The interview focuses on women’s health nutrition practice, and in it Jessica and Ginger discuss vital considerations in women’s health nutrition practice for health care and wellness […]

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